25 February 2012

pretty winter morning

pretty winter morning

Hey, look what we got! Nice for packing too. The neighbors are gone for the weekend, so I said to my husband "wouldn't be funny if we built a snowman on their driveway, right behind their truck?" But I lack the time to pull off such a stunt for something that would just have to be torn down. Plus, I don't need to give them reason to retaliate, and build one in our living room next time we're gone.

22 February 2012

hi friends!

Sorry I'm being such a poop. I have plenty of images to share but have been incredibly busy, and I had to spend half of last weekend cleaning photos off my laptop just so I could get homework done. That's never fun.

Meanwhile, I came across this cool website (via a flickr bud) that I thought some of you might enjoy taking part in! It's call the burning house and you're asked to submit a photo and list of the items you would grab if your house was burning. Not the most pleasant of thoughts, but hey, a fun afternoon photo project, right?

We received a sure sign that spring is here in small-town Wisconsin today! A robin? Nope. Our local A&W is open for the season! woohoo!!!

Hope everyone is staying cool/warm, dry/moist, busy/relaxed! Peace, babies.

10 February 2012



mini stephen colbert impression
doing her mini stephen colbert impression

Her brother Oliver, taken a year ago. See any resemblance?

I've got about two dozen more shots of this little cutie yet to process. Cross your fingers I can finish them before she grows hair and looks nothing like this.

07 February 2012



My entry into a google+ scavenger hunt under "water". I thought this was my best image, but it was barely seen which tells you how amazing all the competition was!

04 February 2012

orchid in snow

orchid in snow

I'm stuck on an algebra problem.

Yes, it's 1:30 in the morning.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate algebra?

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