17 January 2012

more from paradise

 tim burton-y plant

birch and clouds

white, red



I'm currently between classes. They all seem to be ending early today since instructors are just going over the syllabus and materials needed, then sending us on our merry way. So, no homework yet means I can sneak in a post...with words.

My classes are at the downtown campus this semester, as oppose to prior ones which were at a larger location, and actually had parking. I have to look into taking the bus downtown to avoid the cost of a ramp all day. Don't need that expense.

Looking forward to the design and art history classes. Sadly, more algebra is also required. Five days a week too! Criminy! The literature class I think I would enjoy more if I were taking it leisurely, but whatchagonnado. Algebra will cut into all the spare time I'd like to be working on the other classes, as I'm a mathematical doofus.

I'll check in on everyone else's blogs when I can, but for the most part I'll probably just be "dumping and running" on my own. Don't feel like you need to comment on every photo. I always appreciate when you do, but the guilt of not having time to comment back starts creeping in about week two...



TexWisGirl said...

well, okay. i won't comment on every photo. but WOW that last one is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! go frozeny wisconsin!

missing moments said...

You make me laugh ... so know that feeling of guilt by not getting back to my commenters! Enjoy your classes!

Angela Acosta said...

i love the last photo and the sheer mention of algebra makes me cringe. i took in high school and college--and i'm still not building bridges with it :) ugh, why don't they let us creative types be?

Helene said...

Came upon your work courtesy of Angela and enjoying every bit. Photos are wonderful. Love your sense of humor.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Love the rose hip macro. The color is fantastic. :)

beth said...

wow...what is that top photo...it's gorgeous !!!

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