20 January 2012

gotten pioneer cabin



wood detail



This cabin from the 1850's, sits across the road from Paradise Springs.

It is currently about 5º out and we are getting 6" of fresh snow. There were a dozen cars off the road on my way home today, and one semi that had plowed right into a guardrail. Glad to have made it back in one piece myself. But, now that I'm all warmed up, I should get out there and shovel so my husband can get into the driveway.

The pugs aren't happy about this one bit. Sure looks pretty from behind a window though.

Stay safe and warm, everybody. Happy Friday!


Tammy said...

Oh, I love this :)

That is one thick layer of chinking.

TexWisGirl said...

love that rail fence, well, the cabin, too. :)

glad you are safe! let's hope g makes it back okay, too!

Helene said...

These are stunning photos! 6"!!! We are waiting for 1.5," predicted here in central New Jersey. Since eveyone goes into panic mode when they hear that 4-letter word, there is sure to be a rush for bread and milk at Shop-Rite tonight. Again, becautiful photos!

Buttons said...

Awesome pics.
I got caught in that storm last night not pretty. Made it home in one piece. Your right it is pretty from the kitchen window.. Have a great weekend. B

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Fantastic. The perspective on the fence is perfect. :)

Adam said...

Love the rustic looking cabin. It's nice when history meets nature

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