26 December 2012

happy christmas!!

blue christmas


Santa Lost a Ho —Waylan St. Palan and the Magic Elves
This Christmas lounge act has become an annual event for us. Waylan is offered so many drinks
during the course of the night, I'm always surprised he manages to stay upright.

Was having some uploading difficulty on Monday so I missed wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! Hope you're still celebrating and your homes are filled with love and laughter! We're heading north to my folks this weekend, so I still have shopping to do. ;)

21 December 2012

winter arrives in a timely manner

snow day

sunshine on magnolia

patio shark flash shot, taken about 10pm last night

patio shark

max does not approve of patio sharkthis morning, max states his disapproval of patio shark

new window
installation day

I've been a rather busy girl this past month and my blog reflects that. Finals came to an end this week with my immediately going into Christmas mode. Recipients of the very few cards I did send, probably won't see them until New Years. Yesterday was spent digging (and redigging) out from a foot of snow. With temps hovering at freezing, it was rather wet and very heavy so I struggled to throw if off the patio. Which is why it ended up just being piled in the middle. Solution? Patio shark.

A week prior and ten degrees warmer, we installed a new window in our dining room. (The order was placed one month and thirty degrees ago, but we'll let that slide.) Our home, built in 1950, still has the original windows and the behemoth we replaced was a bit on the drafty side. Hubster's "Paw" has professional window installation experience under his belt, so in addition to his help, and his getting us a great deal, he and Mom returned our voided check in our Christmas card! So, we received a very generous gift from them this year! :)

Today, the sun is shining on the fresh, white snow and the pugs sit in a new bay window observing the kids heading to the sledding hill a few blocks away.

To quote Johnny Mathis, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

It beats Armageddon.

16 December 2012

here and now

here and now

here and now

here and now

here and now

here and now

A performance at MMOCA by the UW students of Sally Gross, inspired by the art of Leo Villareal.

02 December 2012

grandma's garden shed

grandma's garden shed

As a kid, I remember hauling the hammock out from this shed. Lying under my grandparent's big maples. You would have been able to see the barn from this view back then. It fell a dozen years back already.

16 November 2012

fall skies

skyfall 1

skyfall 2

skyfall 3

skyfall 4

skyfall 5

It is our intention to see the new James Bond movie this weekend, but it was also my intention to be more productive this morning, so this could be as close as I get to the drama of "Skyfall." We'll just see how that goes.

FUN GAME! Find the two shots above taken from the same location in our backyard. Look for the telltale tree!

Alright, that's about all the "fun" I can provide you. Make it a great weekend!

02 November 2012

a little night magic

leaves in the moonlight

night sky

autumn after dark

late night assistant

Isaac assisted me one night last month in taking some night shots of leaves. Like Buttons, I had looked up and saw these beautiful clouds covering the moon and had to go back in for my camera. Unlike her, I had just one cat and not two skunks to contend with. You can see that Isaac moved a little during the long exposure as part of his head is missing. Spooky!

Now that the leaves are gone, the sun actually hits our house. It's nice when the light reaches our dining room again. The cold temperatures have some perks anyway.

By the way, I'm not sure what I did to turn my comments came back on, but I'll leave them on. Ha! But please keep in mind I'm not the most active blogger these days, so no promises on "getting right back to you". School is going great and I'm enjoying all the projects, but this whole homework thing is kind of ruling my life. I can't even remember the last time we went to see a movie!

That said...back to studying the works of surrealism! :P

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

26 October 2012

i probably should've thought this through...


Our neighbors showed up at the humane society gig so I asked if they wanted a portrait done since I had everything ready to go. I was shooting with my 50mm lens so all shots were taken from the top of a ladder. In order to get the attention of all the dogs, Hubster was giving them treats and leading their eyes up to me. In addition, I sat up there working a squeaky toy. Dogs usually go for one or the other...or both. In this case, when I got up the ladder, the toy was still lying there so I gave these guys the dog treatment. Squeaking, whistling, making kissy noises, everything except throwing them Charlee Bears. Mom and Dad starting laughing immediately, but the first couple shots of the girls was just confusion. Followed closely by them opening their mouths and panting! lol!

So, this is the transitional capture between stage 1 and 2.

I don't think they'll be using it for a Christmas card this year. Unless they want to crop the kids out. Dad had joked earlier about that anyway. He also mentioned something about photoshopping in a hotter wife.

Now you know why I love these people.

25 October 2012

humane society shoot






These adorable pups braved the cold temps to help us raise funds and awareness for the Humane Society of Jefferson County. Thanks to their moms and dads for bringing them! What a sweet bunch! Not to play favorites but look at the mug on Ben! His face was scarred up and mom said he was probably a bait dog. He was also going blind. He could not have been more gentle and obedient though. Gotta love his owner for giving him a new leash on life! ;)

Wish the shoot could have been yesterday instead. It was 75º here! About 30º warmer then when these were taken two weeks ago. We froze our little paws off that day!

19 October 2012

leaves for leontien

autumn 1

autumn 2

autumn 3

autumn 4

autumn 5

autumn 6

autumn 7

autumn 8

autumn 9

autumn 10

autumn 11

autumn 12

autumn 13

autumn 14

Here's a whole month's worth for you, dear girl! I hope your health returns to you as quickly as the leaves are falling...xo

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