29 December 2011

some real photos for once

moxie b/w
moxie rhodes

sexual chocolate, cruising mode
sexual chocolate

greta b/w
greta thorn

daisy in red heels
daisy chains

kitty larue

gang of five
gang of five

The last time I posted anything except mobile phone images, was 40º F ago! On the positive side, that's only 40º ago, because November and December have been insanely mild. These were taken back in October on a 82º day. Going over this set, I've decided that my husband took most of the outdoor shots and I took the indoor ones. (Although, I'm behind the lens in this last shot.) Then I did all the potato-chop work. Which explains why they are nearly three months behind schedule. We've actually shot the Peach Pies once since then! I've included a few of those iphone shots here in this set.

At least, at this rate, I'll have images to share all winter other than snow and gray landscapes.


TexWisGirl said...

just too cute!

Buttons said...

Totally worth the wait. I love your photography and the gang are very cool. Happy New Year. B

missing moments said...

Outstanding! Great shots! I've enjoyed my year with you and wishing you the best of what the new year will bring!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Looks like a fun group of girls to hang with. Great photography. :)

Healthier And Wealthier said...

Very cool! What a gang! And fun too. Hubby just got a new camera for Christmas so I'm sending him this post. He'll love it.

Dawn said...

What FUN photos! And we NEED something more....like this...to get us through our winter of grey!
Happy new year to you dear blogging buddy!!

Fiskarn said...

Incredible pictures love the colours !

besoterio said...

these are fabulous.

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