30 November 2011

more randomness

november fields
november fields

they're grrrreat!
they're grrrreat!

Hello friends and lurkers! On Monday, my mom fell and broke her hip. On Tuesday, she had surgery to replace it. Today, she's already hobbling around with a walker. Kind of amazing, huh? She should be home Friday. Like it never happened. Tonight she told me that Dad did the dishes! I told her to milk this thing.

Meanwhile, I'm overwhelmed in school and for some reason signed up for a photographic-alphabetic scavenger hunt on google+. It was due today but I only got through 16 letters. I don't know what I was thinking.

"I'll just take photos with my phone as I come across them!"

Um, sure. It's a contest so I can't share the whole set yet, but let me just say that A was for Acorn... Have you ever looked for an acorn in Wisconsin in November? I must've pulled over at every oak tree within a ten mile radius of our house only to find fat squirrels looking down at me pointing. Laughing. Patting their stomachs, and picking the acorns from their teeth.


I managed to find one wormy one and shot it's good side.


TexWisGirl said...

you're such a mess! (CAM would be proud of the bowlful shot...)

sorry about your mom! wow! who'd have thunk your mom before your grandmother?! yikes! but glad she's doing so well! i hope it continues!

missing moments said...

oh my .. you are a glutton for punishment! glad your mother is doing well. She's amazing!

bon bon said...

thanks ladies!

i know, reena. what's wrong with me?

t, gramma has had both knees replaced so she already uses a walker. mom has one bad knee which is what caused her leg to give out. i told her they should've replaced that too while she was under the knife. i have one wonky knee myself. must be in the genes.

Buttons said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom but I am sure if she has your sense of humour which I am almost positive she does she will be great :) B

beth said...

too bad you weren't on W as the walnuts are still pretty much everywhere :)

and i know how those squirrels talk....they have snickered at me before, just for trying to get their photo.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I thought I was a meme fanatic -- even I wouldn't sign up for this one. You crazy, girl!

Hope your learnin' is going well. Miss you! :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

PS -- my mom had a hip replacement last month and is doing well also. Bless our strong mommas! :)

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I'm glad your mom is recovering well. I hear hip replacement is a little easier than knee...is that true?

bon bon said...

thanks for your kind and encouraging words, everyone! mom is doing well and will be coming home today (friday)!

beth— when i wrote you back, i read your comment a little differently. we were given the words we had to shoot. "w" was for whistle. another item i do not have lying around. doh.

hannah— i couldn't say. probably depends on the individual. i assume you'd need to find someone who's had both done. and let's face it, a woman will power through the pain, where a man is gonna tell you he barely survived no matter what the procedure. ha!

Tammy said...

Rolled hay and blueberries! Two of my favorite things :)

urban muser said...

glad to hear your mom is doing well. thanks for stopping by at mortal muses yesterday!

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