30 November 2011

more randomness

november fields
november fields

they're grrrreat!
they're grrrreat!

Hello friends and lurkers! On Monday, my mom fell and broke her hip. On Tuesday, she had surgery to replace it. Today, she's already hobbling around with a walker. Kind of amazing, huh? She should be home Friday. Like it never happened. Tonight she told me that Dad did the dishes! I told her to milk this thing.

Meanwhile, I'm overwhelmed in school and for some reason signed up for a photographic-alphabetic scavenger hunt on google+. It was due today but I only got through 16 letters. I don't know what I was thinking.

"I'll just take photos with my phone as I come across them!"

Um, sure. It's a contest so I can't share the whole set yet, but let me just say that A was for Acorn... Have you ever looked for an acorn in Wisconsin in November? I must've pulled over at every oak tree within a ten mile radius of our house only to find fat squirrels looking down at me pointing. Laughing. Patting their stomachs, and picking the acorns from their teeth.


I managed to find one wormy one and shot it's good side.

26 November 2011

random thanksgiving pix

shop wall
dad's shop wall

dad's walk-in cooler
in his walk-in cooler. currently full of venison and apples

parallel bars
kensi, waiting for turkey to hit the table

19 November 2011

antique pool balls

antique pool balls

Purchased at an auction many years ago already. I always figured I'd do something arty with them, but as of yet, they just sit in an old wooden bowl. I've since sold half of them at one of our yard sales. Hopefully, that buyer has more ambition than I.

But hey. Here's a photo! That's kind of arty, right?

12 November 2011

peach pies

madison's peach pies

Shot last month on an 80º day. About half way through processing. Teaser...

10 November 2011



Through the glass of my sunroof, using a raindrop as a "filter". Wet snow, actually. (poop.)
Click the image to go to flickr if you like, where I posted a couple more shots.

If I don't check in tomorrow, I hope you all have a happy Nigel Tufnel Day!

09 November 2011



I don't know why this photo turned out as dramatic as it did. The surrounding sky wasn't this dark to the naked eye.

Some day I'll pick up a real camera again, but in all honesty, all my memory cards are full. If my anatomy instructor would stop throwing tests at me every three days!


In other news: It snowed today! But it was in the 60ºs last week, so I'm putting my foot down. Who do I need to talk to about this foofaraw?

04 November 2011


still in the field

baa ram ewe

west koshkonong lutheran

walnuts, holding on tight

huge willow

Another beautiful day. So, I took the scenic route home from Madison.

Happy Friday, everyone...

02 November 2011

"green" pug

"green" pug

Kensi likes the crinkly noise that empty plastic bottles make. Toy wise, they last thirty times longer than anything with a squeaker.


As I loaded this to flickr, I noticed it was my 3,000th photo. Not sure if that's something to celebrate, or a strong argument for having me committed.

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