07 October 2011

worldwide photo walk 2011

...on a madison bike!

blue on blue



Last Saturday, a friend and I attended Madison's chapter of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk. Something I had foolishly signed up for a month and a half ago thinking I could squeeze it in when the time came. Sure! You'll notice I'm processing photos at two in the morning? But I don't have class tomorrow so I'm taking advantage of the fact I can sleep in.

Honestly, I still have photos from August to go through. Plus, it's hard not to keep shooting as autumn is in full swing and there's beautiful color everywhere! AND, we've been back in the 70ยบ this week! Woo hoo!! It's awfully hard to study outside with leaves littering your keyboard. I know, rough, huh? Hopefully I can get the rest of this series up this week as we have a model shoot this weekend.

I could get so much more done if I could just do without sleep.

Ok, quick story before I head to bed...

This morning I took the pugs in to the vet. It was still early so they hadn't pooped yet, which always means that when they get to the vet, they'll poop. So, they did their business last minute, I took them in, they got their shots, their nails trimmed, yadda, yadda. On our way out, they perused the yard again, then I put them in the car while I went back to clean up their poop from earlier. Me, being the good Samaritan, cleaned up three addition piles. Well, that'll be the last time because I gave a pug an extra  minute to find and hit the door lock button!

Yes, the keys were on the seat next to them.

I went back in to see if I could call my husband to run home and get our spare key, but he works around 18 miles away, so the pugs would have to sit it out for a while. But, the vet assistants just chimed in that one of them could drive me home, which is probably less than two miles from the vet office. So, we returned and freed my little criminals in about five!

Note to self, leave a few biscuits, a fifth of whiskey and a deck of cards in the back seat to preoccupy them, in case this should happen again.


TexWisGirl said...

oh crap! you were lucky! and close to home! and that it wasn't 100+ degrees! ugh!

the photos are very artsy fartsy, my dear. glad you got a bit of a break to post a few! :)

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness..thank god you were close to home!
My setter rolled up the only open window and hit the lock button this summer, but we had the other keys with us.

LOVE the photos!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

The old saying, "if it can, it will," comes to mind. ;)

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