30 October 2011

wisconsin autumn

water's edge

wisconsin autumn

birch & blue

What a gorgeous October we've had! These shots were taken at the Stoughton dog park. It's such a lovely location. I shot a family of four there yesterday (sans dog).

I had hoped to have a pumpkin carved/decorated by now but I don't think that's going to happen this year. Then again, it's fitting that I help pave the road to hell during Halloween, right? ;o)


Buttons said...

Love the photos they are beautiful.
What it's Halloween? When? What? Darn. B

Samantha said...

Those are gorgeous shots..

I am having a ho-hum Halloween this year. No haunted houses, no jack-o-lanterns..

beth said...

we did have a great october didn't we ?
and today....sheesh, i don't do grey and rain very well :(

Tammy said...

These are beautiful. I especially like the first one. It has a dark (as in sinister) feel.

Thanks for the tip. Now I have an excuse to go back!

Buttons said...

Lucky dogs in this dog park. They have a beautiful view. Awesome pics. B

Buttons said...

Wow I commented twice I mean three times I must love this post. Yes I do. B

Leontien said...

oh..... hehe i just love trees!!!


Anonymous said...

Great tree shots... that 1st one takes the cake, tho... would look spooky in front of a fall moon! =)

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Heck yeah! That's a gorgeous location....for both dogs and people!

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