08 October 2011

beauty everywhere


bride and groom


Sorry to dump and run, and for neglecting all my blogging friends. I've got three tests to prepare for next week, and now two model shots this weekend. eep.

Currently, the sun is hitting the yellow leaves of our maple in the front yard as they blow off the tree, and geese are honking overhead. Makes my trigger finger quite itchy.

Hope you're having an equally beautiful weekend... :o)


Dawn said...

Lovely light captures!
I DO hope you can take time to breath and enjoy some fallish moments this weekend. Wish I could bring you a cinnamon bun while you studied....

TexWisGirl said...

love the top shot! good luck, hard working girl!

Samantha said...

Love the middle shot..love love love!

Tammy said...

LOVE the candid shot of the bride and groom.

missing moments said...

Love the chair shot!

bon bon said...

thanks ladies! i love that you each picked a different fave. :o)

and dawn, i sure could go for a cinnamon bun right now! sadly, my cooking/baking has been minimal these days. i completely understand why college kids eat so much pizza.

Leontien said...

I sure hope you had a great weekend!!!

The weather here is just fantastic so lots of sitting outside

Big hugs

Buttons said...

Love the chair I don't know why. Good luck in school. B

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