12 October 2011

the last of 'em

never backwards, and always turning...turning!

step on it

tlc reflects (which means she is not a vampire. whew!)


I seem to be shooting quite a bit vertically these days. hmmm...

You can see the entire set from the day here if you so desire. My pal, TLC, (that's her reflection in the building) has a few on her flickr page as well. But, I know for a fact she took more than four. I guess she's busy. Newly engaged and all. I'm lucky I dragged her away long enough to go on a photo shoot with me!


(p.s. "Forward" is Wisconsin's motto. Even though we pretty much took a massive step backwards in 2011. However, it's much too late at night to get all political up in here.)


TexWisGirl said...

did not know about the 'forward' motto. :)

Buttons said...

I absolutely love these. B

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