09 September 2011

let's eat!

peppers, onions, garlic

final stage

Hubby and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary today! Although, I guess I over fed him because he is dozing off on the couch. Ah, young love...

My gift to him was paella and a bottle of port. And he got me (well, us) tickets to see Tim Minchin, who's coming to Madison in October! Which I am all squeeee about!!

Not to mention, it's currently 64ยบ, I think I aced my anatomy quiz today, and tomorrow we're going to friendzes' house for a bonfire, where both sons plus one wife will be in attendance! Woohoo! There may even be more bocce ball involved...

Life is pri-tty darn sweet, if I may say so.

06 September 2011


christmas 1957

I've posted this image already, but today my parents (far right) celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary and I don't have time to locate and scan in another photo of them together, so this will have to do.

It will also have to suffice as their card from me.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!


I'm broke.

...and Physics class is expensive, so I started selling prints on etsy. Feel free to pimp me out.

Thanks y'all!

03 September 2011

young man...

young man...

I wanted to mention on my last post that I need to take a hiatus from blogging so I can dedicate my time to homework instead, but my computer was spinning and not really wanting me to write anything. A sign?

Yes. Here's a sign.

You'll be looking at it for a while. I won't be coming around to view your blogs much either as I feel I need to read things I'll be graded on instead. Sorry. I know I'll probably lose some of you for not being a dedicated blogger, but I'm afraid I'll start mismanaging my time. If I check in with one of you, it'll snowball into checking in with 25 of you, and then my morning will be lost.

Fact is, I'm a slow reader. Also a re-reader being a tad on the dyslexic side. So, naturally book-learnin' ain't my thing, so I need to work a little harder at it. I'll be adding pix from time to time, but not writing much. No pressure for you to engage in these one-sided posts. :o)

Meanwhile, I hope each of you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and autumn yet to come.

Thanks for all the fish...

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