24 August 2011

magoo, before and after

magoo, before and after

I shared this tutorial over on G+, and thought I'd include the info here for anyone interested. This tut is using Photoshop. If any of the steps are unclear, just ask!  :o)

here are some simple, beginner corrections to make a shot frame worthy! this shot of magoo was ok, but needed a little help...

1. a light sharpening on his face (i go the duplicate layer, high pass route, masking away what i don't want included. set that layer to overlay or soft light.)
2. dodge the dark areas of his face. (5%, highlight or midtones. start small)
3. clone some green grass into the brown spots (watch for obvious repetition!)
4. a light burning to the edges of an image usually helps the center to pop out! (again, start small, 5% midtones/shadows)
5. i then cropped out his rear leg. just didn't like my eye going to his knee. (as shown with dark border.)
6. a little general curve rarely hurts.

that's it! simple! hope i've offered some info you can use to help a problem image. :o)


TexWisGirl said...

tammy at tammy's photography spot would like some info on lens baby. i told her you're her gal...


missing moments said...

Like your instructions and always remarkable how such subtle changes can make a big difference! Great job!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Thank you! You always have such great photos on here and I appreciate your sharing. :)

Leontien said...

I don't know about photography BUT that dog has a big tongue!!!

And to bad i don't wear skirts! ;-)


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