19 August 2011

ladies: naked & dressed


My resurrection lilies have exploded from the earth! I'm amazed each year as they appear to come from no where with little warning. We have three different clusters of these beauties in our yard, and I had no idea what they were when we moved in more than ten years ago now. My neighbor referred to them as "naked ladies" which offers a very different  type of search in google, so be sure to add "flowers".

For all the plants my Great-gramma Hippy grew in her garden, this one was new to me. But then I was small and was probably more interested in her garden swing. I do recall her hollyhocks towering over me. There's a plant you don't see much anymore.

great gramma in her garden

About her name...Great-gramma got stuck with the nickname "Hippy" because Great-grampa was known as "Hip" or "Hipper". I have no idea how this originated. That's a question for Gramma when I see her.  They did however, acquire these labels before the words hip or hippy were part of common vocabulary. They could've gotten stuck with much worse, I suppose.

Bone and Boney. Skipper and Skippy. Jerk and Jerky...


TexWisGirl said...

laughing at your google search advice. and i totally expected something else from you when i read the title of your post. ;)

hippy? yeah, i'm thinking that wouldn't be a nice nickname these days for a woman.

you have a wealth of stories from your family... :)

Bruce Clark said...

Lovely shot of the lilies!

missing moments said...

LOL ... love your title
My family did similar naming. My dad called me Socko and an uncle nicknamed my son Kingfish.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Mine appeared a few days ago. They have spread in places I have never planted them. Love the story about Hippy.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I love the picture of Gramma Hippy! Looks like she had a huge garden too! Our family is full of nicknames too...Chock Up, Smokey, Emp, Breezy

bon bon said...

tex, she was gramma hippy right up until she died in 1986.

loving all the silly nicknames!! mine was tinkerbell. but as i aged it went from tinkerbell, to tinker, to tink, to stink. i think my brother and sister picked the last one. ha!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

These lilies are so gorgeous!! I love the misty color, sort of like dirty pink... And yes, they look kind of nude too!

Samantha said...

Love that photo of your great-gram!
I've never seen those lilies before, but hollyhocks are a staple in my garden.

Rose said...

Mine are just now really popping up and open...I had a few before now but just a few.

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