14 July 2011

dancing to cajun/ride to the clouds

ride to the clouds

ride to the clouds

Scenes from Madison's la fete de Marquette celebration last week. Check out my flickr friend, Craig's scenes from the same time and location. He shoots using a kite! How awesome is that?

Sorry to still be in "dump and run" mode. English comes to a close this week, so I may have few free hours to spare in the week ahead. I was talking rather casually to two people at school this week; an instructor and a receptionist, and brought up that I was taking three class. The response from both was "WHAT?!!" I said to the receptionist, "That's the reaction I got from my algebra teacher too! Isn't this done?" She said, "Sure, but they're condensed, so three summer classes is like six winter ones!"

It's probably a good thing I didn't know this going in. 


missing moments said...

great pics
ugh ...heavy heavy load
I remember taking summer courses and they always were the most challenging simply due to being condensed!

Leontien said...

sometimes it is better not to know, yes! And i have a friend in Plattville (i don't know if i spelled that right) so i can come look at all your pot smokers there!


texwisgirl said...

dump and run when you can, dearie. hope you slow up a bit after english is done...

how cool is shooting from a kite?! :)

Buttons said...

Wow you must be very smart 3 to 6. Glad you are almost done. B

Samantha said...

We all knew you were an evil genius!

That's quite a class load. Gah.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Prolly would have been better if they waited to tell you after you completed the courses. ;)

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