17 July 2011


behind the wheel and through the glass

old film treatment

Whole set of Odetta here. These two are my favorite. Taken the weekend of the fourth. That's how far behind I am.

This weekend Edgerton celebrates Tobacco Heritage Days. (Holy crap, it's on facebook!) A few years ago, they dropped the word "tobacco" and the old-timers got pissed. We pretty much avoid anything to do with it. Some years, we've gotten down to the old car show to get some shots, but Odetta came to us this year, so meh. We did take part in the city-wide rummage sale by throwing a bunch of crap that didn't sell at last year's sale wonderful wares in with our neighbor's pile this year. We ended up making $85. I got a feeling they may have counted wrong though cuz that seems like too much. Let's just say, our taste in goods don't jive well with tobacco spitters.

Just minutes ago, the Shriner's drove by in their tiny cars, fez tails fluttering in the wind! Wheee!! The parade route is 6-8 blocks from here (I'm assuming), and they must gather in the church parking lot several blocks in the other direction, because every year they tool right down our street. Sadly, there's always one or two being towed on the return trip. Those cars must have some seriously low standings on Kelly Blue Book.


missing moments said...

those Shriner's have way too much fun!
great photos!

texwisgirl said...

oh, very partial to the old film treatment shot. nice! loved the shriners! hilarious!!!

yeah, i don't see you and your hubby's 'wares' selling real big with the baccy crowd... :)

Tammy said...

A vintage beauty

I'm partial to the first shot Love the wear on the wheel

Samantha said...

Loved the first shot, too...fantastic.
Shiners are the highlights of our tiny town parades. Hilarious!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Odetta fits perfectly for that beautiful old car. Sounds like a fun weekend and awesome that you made $85 off your old crap! Love that! We just sold an old broken camera lens we had for $40. Who are these crazies out buying trash?

beth said...

oh my dad would love this car so much....he has had vintage cars all his life...now it's a truck and he and my mom belong to an old car club :)

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