22 July 2011


home office
home office (complete with laundry and lounge areas)

unpaid interns
unpaid interns/cleaning staff

world's saddest pug
world's saddest employee

Poor Max. We think he may have arthritis in his front legs because he has a slight limp and his top half begins to droop after standing thirty seconds or so. Plus there's the fact the only time we've ever noticed him wagging his tail is when he's dreaming. His nickname of "sad boy" seems pretty fitting. He's happy to clean Kensi's ears though. That's when she pulls out the sad look.

19 July 2011

werewolves and vampires

Today, I uploaded my final paper for my online English class. I think she gave us a break for this last project as everything leading up to now had required tons of research, and was heavy in detail. Ugh. This time we got to pick from several different categories, were to keep it short, and only had to describe which of the writing techniques we used during the course of this class. Which I won't bother to address here. But I thought I'd share my final with you just for shits and giggles. I can't imagine I'll get anything other than an A! Seriously, I'm no writer. I'm good for a few one-liners accompanying a photo. Hopefully, I'll get back to my primary goal of nonsense soon.

Image of Barnabas Collins, swiped from the internet


     In recent years, we’ve seen a large shift in villains of the horror genre. Basically, they are rarely seen as villains any more. Writers and movie producers are taking what once was considered horror-based creatures and have turned them into love interests. Where have we gone wrong?

     I speak, of course, of werewolves and vampires. Bloodthirsty monsters of the night, ripping flesh from bodies, or sucking them dry of their blood. Those are the characters I grew up with. Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows was so creepy with those sinister eyes and sunken cheeks; you’d be hard pressed to find anyone willing to get within thirty feet of him. I used to bury my head under the covers at night thinking he might fly into my bedroom. Now, we can look forward to Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, and this time my attitude is, “I should be so lucky.” Why, even the 1960’s version of a vampire is exponentially more appealing than 1922’s Nosferatu. Though the years, they remain very pale, and rather gifted in some area or another because they’ve had hundreds of years to practice speaking Russian or play piano, but there was a day when vampires used to disintegrate in sunlight, where now they sparkle. It’s my guess that in another forty years, their bite will cure AIDS.

     I recall seeing An American Werewolf in London many moons ago. (Pun.) David was another character that frightened the hell out of me. I don’t remember him having a chiseled body however. I’m sure werewolves get quite a workout, but if they’re going to have their clothes torn to shreds, why just their shirts? I conducted a simple search online and found a link describing how one can tell if someone is indeed a werewolf. It listed; increasing violence, restlessness, and unprovoked rage. It’s my guess, one would find a similar laundry list if they were to search “signs someone is on steroids”. Maybe there are more werewolves out there than we care to admit. The janitors at Gold’s Gym may have additional insight.

     I’ve also observed that these days, you tend to see both these creatures everywhere together. Seems you can’t throw a vampire without hitting a werewolf.

     Now, what’s the story with zombies? When did they get so damn fast?

17 July 2011


behind the wheel and through the glass

old film treatment

Whole set of Odetta here. These two are my favorite. Taken the weekend of the fourth. That's how far behind I am.

This weekend Edgerton celebrates Tobacco Heritage Days. (Holy crap, it's on facebook!) A few years ago, they dropped the word "tobacco" and the old-timers got pissed. We pretty much avoid anything to do with it. Some years, we've gotten down to the old car show to get some shots, but Odetta came to us this year, so meh. We did take part in the city-wide rummage sale by throwing a bunch of crap that didn't sell at last year's sale wonderful wares in with our neighbor's pile this year. We ended up making $85. I got a feeling they may have counted wrong though cuz that seems like too much. Let's just say, our taste in goods don't jive well with tobacco spitters.

Just minutes ago, the Shriner's drove by in their tiny cars, fez tails fluttering in the wind! Wheee!! The parade route is 6-8 blocks from here (I'm assuming), and they must gather in the church parking lot several blocks in the other direction, because every year they tool right down our street. Sadly, there's always one or two being towed on the return trip. Those cars must have some seriously low standings on Kelly Blue Book.

14 July 2011

dancing to cajun/ride to the clouds

ride to the clouds

ride to the clouds

Scenes from Madison's la fete de Marquette celebration last week. Check out my flickr friend, Craig's scenes from the same time and location. He shoots using a kite! How awesome is that?

Sorry to still be in "dump and run" mode. English comes to a close this week, so I may have few free hours to spare in the week ahead. I was talking rather casually to two people at school this week; an instructor and a receptionist, and brought up that I was taking three class. The response from both was "WHAT?!!" I said to the receptionist, "That's the reaction I got from my algebra teacher too! Isn't this done?" She said, "Sure, but they're condensed, so three summer classes is like six winter ones!"

It's probably a good thing I didn't know this going in. 

10 July 2011

"no, don't eat me! i'm your fairy god-(craw)daddy here to grant you a wish! you're not buying what...?"

"no, don't eat me! i'm your fairy god-(craw)daddy here to grant you a wish! you're not buying what...?"

Hey folks! Thought you lost me there, didn't cha? I thought since I actually had some time left over in the day (where homework was done before midnight), I'd throw images from the craw-fish boil on flickr. Frankly, I'm still too tired to reload them all here so you can view them there if you like. Apologies to Luke and Tria's friends that I didn't get any photos of. Really, they do have friends...

04 July 2011

a quick preview of photos to come...

a quick preview of photos to come...

I'm up to my armpits in anthropology essays and algebra exams, but Saturday all was set aside for my son's 30th birthday party. Classes are finished in two weeks...

Will she find time to post party pix before then? Place your bets, folks!

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