10 June 2011

a walk in the park

yay! new monkey bars!
yay! new monkey bars!

bouncy thing, debounced
bouncy thing, debounced


out on a limb
out on a limb

it fell, then crawled three feet away
it fell, then crawled three feet away

pick-up sticks
pick-up sticks

a lovely park view
a lovely park view

Wanted to share scenes of the damage from last night's 100mph winds. These were taken at a park two and half miles from our house. The wind started up pretty unexpectedly. We have this 3-cornered canvas canopy (you can see a tiny bit here) that detached itself from the tree and was whipping up against the side of the house and up onto the roof! My poor hubby had to go out there with a ladder to take it down. "Can you bring in my potted tomatoes and peppers too?!" I shouted into the wind.

Aren't I considerate?

"Honey, could you please put your life on the line to bring in my $8 worth of produce?"

To be fair (your honor), it didn't appear all that scary.

...from the safety of the porch.


Tammy said...

You are so funny :)

Reminds us of nature's power...and our lack of.

Nancy said...

Good god! That's awful. Those trees look to be fairly old. I hate seeing such destruction -- but nature's wrath will not be denied it seems -- especially this Spring.

Hope you all are okay.

texwisgirl said...

so at least that's not your yard in the above photo, right?! it's all still part of that poor park?

so funny. hubby always tells folks i try to kill him too (with dog hair, dried weeds/flowers, candles, you name it). at least my forms of death are more subtle than yours!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Wow. Amazing the power of nature. That's one disaster you just can't tear your eyes off of. They power is just too great!

Leontien said...

Oh wow! that looked like a pretty scary day! and a lot of damage!

Hope that they clean up soon so kids can play again.


Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I hate seeing the destruction of such marvelous trees.

You made me laugh. If it had happened here at home, I would be out there, with my heart in my throat, worried SICK with my husband up the ladder!

Next time, I will stand in the porch and remember you... LOL

Love ya!

Samantha said...

SCARY winds!
If husband accuses you of trying to kill him, make sure you perfect your wide-eyed look ;)

Buttons said...

Wow that is some damage but your humour made it not look so bad. Poor hubby. B

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Oh My! You sound just like me. Rambob's reply is usually "What? Did you up my life insurance policy?" ;)

Mark said...

I was checking out your blog, love it by the way, and when reading your unknown facts, I was cracking up. Especially the ...once shot a man in Reno..."

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