13 June 2011

ride the drive

 ride the drive

Argh! I'm never gonna keep up my blogging/visiting with this whole school thing getting in my way! :oP

To top off homework and tests, we had such a hectic weekend. The Cambridge Pottery Festival, dinner with the in-law's (Mom W's birthday) and Mounds Dog Fest. All those shots are still in the camera. It seemed faster for me to open one from the weekend before when Madison had their Ride the Drive. I had mentioned we'd been to this before and I didn't have many captures that varied from prior years, BUT seeing this image a second time, I realized it was a good candidate for a faux tilt shift effect.

So, yup. That's what that is.

I've posted a how-to link in the past, so just click "tilt shift" in the labels to find it. And if you try this yourself, please let me know, or include your link! I'd love to see what you did with this technique!


texwisgirl said...

it looks like a miniature model! :)

Dawn said...

You get very creative on here:) I like it!!
I KNOW how you feel about keeping up. I sure can't. At all. Doesn't mean I don't love anyone anymore....I'm just....spread out all over the place in life right now.
Sorry for not coming by as much. You ARE on my top list of blogs to check:)
Have a good week...hope it's all going well for you:)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I thought the same as T -- looked like a railroad model of a town. Haha! Must be getting senile.

Great shot. I will def. look up that past post. :)

beth said...

i love this photo.....and not just because i live here and know where you're standing (or at least i think i do) but i totally love the tiltshift look.

i went to try it and found that i don't have many scene photos....like none really....so i'm going back to search for some more :)

Roadside Rustic said...

Oh I love this preset and I've yet to try it. Great photo to use it on. Thanks for stopping by.

jMo said...

You are one busy woman. Glad I keep missing deadlines for school. Enough I say.
Grrrreat photo. I tried some in your face almost getting run over shots. Man, it was HOT that day.

missing moments said...

This is sooo cool ... I gotta try it! Heading over to find out how!

Buttons said...

Very cool shot. I love it. I find life gets in the way of my blogging too. Have a nice week. B

Country Girl said...

What a cool photo. Came over from Beth's blog. Wow.

bon bon said...

to those of you i haven't responded to personally (and those i have), thanks for the kudos! it's really appreciated. :o)

Mark said...

Was visiting Beth's blog and she mentioned we should check out this photo, so I did because, well...Beth rocks! So does this photo.

Samantha said...

Great. Now I have to go and find people!
LOVE this technique.

Ali said...

hopped on over here from Beth's blog, I trust her recommendations and i'm not disappointed, tilt shift eh??? sounds like something in a five speed race car but I'd love to try it. :0)

Leontien said...

Besides the fact that i love to see those bicycles in the picture i had to respond to your comment! YES in Italy and Sicily they had holes too (as a toilet) and it was just really gross! Glad they don't have that here!


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

I like it very much!

first time here. you get very creative...lovely site.

as for that technique i've been told that there are some types of cameras that can do that... or am i wrong?

have a great day!
i really enjoyed my visit here.


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Is this a real picture?! Honestly, it looks like you took a picture of a well crafted model. Like the intro to Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Do you know what I mean?

Canyon Girl said...

How interesting. Keeping up seems easier in the winter, somehow. So much to do this time of year.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Love the effect...I agree, looks like a model.

Not sure why life insists on getting in the way of bloggin' but it does...and that's OK. Sometimes a "forced" break ends up being refreshing.

bon bon said...

thank you ALL for the comments! i'm sorry i've been absent from blogging and visiting. exams and essays are taking top priority right now.

Betty, thanks for stopping! you are somewhat correct. it is actually a lens. but their prices can run twice that of the camera(!) so all you're going to see is fakes on this blog. ;o)

here is a shot of a real tilt shift photo from a toronto photographer i follow. (his skill and talents are about 20x that of mine.)

Ms. Mamma said...

Love it. We have a really expensive Canon tilt shift at work but only use Nikon cameras now. Jeez. Maybe you should do this with a pug fest photo. Hee Hee. I always enjoy your work. xo

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