01 June 2011

lemon/lime shortbread

Here's the shortbread recipe for you cookie lovers out there...

It is a Martha Stewart recipe that I adapted a tiny bit. I don't bother to roll mine out. Just chill in the form of a tube, and slice them to the desired thickness. I obviously forgo the sandwich part as I like one thicker cookie.

I make the frosting a little thicker too. Six ounces of cream cheese, and one cup of sugar is plenty.

And as mentioned, I went with lime here just because I had some. If I were taking these to some function, I'd stick with lemon as not to confuse people into thinking my cookies are broccoli-flecked.


texwisgirl said...

go green!!! even if it looks like broccoli!!! :)

missing moments said...

Now that would be funny ... broccoli cookies!
I want one!

Leontien said...

hahaha broccoli cookies????!!!

Thanks and i think they look just fine!


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