11 June 2011

kitty & moxie

kitty and moxie

We're so happy for our friends, Kitty & Moxie, who've hit the big time, and had their first show in Vegas last week! Hubby drew this illo and made stickers for them to hand out! Cool, huh? Sounds like the show was a big hit (according to all the love they're getting on facebook)! We've seen their act locally, although it would've been a blast to see in such a huge venue. Seated next to Penn Jillette. Or Wayne Newton.

Um, let's just go with Penn Jillette.

You can watch one of their acts here, but turn your volume way down as the audio is awful. Also, these women are burlesque performers, so skin is shown.

Maybe it's too late to point out my liberal views concerning the nude form. Didn't mean to shock any newbies. We raised our boys with the belief that seeing a nude body on screen is more natural then seeing someone's head getting blown off. Guess we're just unamerican in that regard.


texwisgirl said...

wondering when you'd let your hair down around here again - you've been rather family-friendly for a long time... ha! but following your belief in the human form, this WOULD be family-friendly. :)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

This makes me smile. I mean, the way you raised your boys. That's how my brother and I were raised.

The American way of "hush-hush", cover it up and pretend nobody has an ass, or boobs, or other "parts" boils my blood. If a nipple is seen, OH-MY-SWEET-JESUS !!!!!! We are all going to burn in hell...

Oh, well... don't get me started.

I like your husband's drawing. As I see, you are a couple of artists, right?

bon bon said...

tex- ha!! guess you could say we don't get out much any more. there's a show coming up next month...i'll warn people in advance. ;o)

miriam- yes, we are extremely uptight in the states. keeping things taboo just feeds a young person's desire to discover things from unreliable sources. why not let them see a naked body on tv, or allow them to have a glass of wine or beer when they're 16 or 17? look how many kids get their first adult-like experience in college and get themselves in trouble! it's ridiculous! you had the opportunity to teach them how to act for 18 years! ow, i could go on too, so i'd better not... ha!!!

i'll tell my husband you like it! and yes, we definitely fall under the "starving artists" category. ;o)

Leontien said...

HAHA YES very un American!!! Welcome to the rest of the world! haha oh well at least Holland!

Thanks for sharing

Luke said...

The best part was being nonchalant about said viewing of nude bodies in middle school.

Griya Mobil Kita said...

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LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Hubby is pretty darn talented too I see! Good job!

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