05 June 2011

heads of state/thugs

heads of state


Today Madison held another Ride The Drive event, where several major streets are closed to vehicles for six hours. We went up to take photos, but things seemed a little more lackadaisical this year so I really didn't capture anything terribly exciting or different then prior years.

What really made my day was when we saw the Klement Sausages making an appearance at the capital! Can I get a woot?! For those of you unfamiliar with these fine gentlemen, they have their own wiki-page! I don't think they're even the Brewer's official mascot, as that title goes to Bernie Brewer, but I seriously don't know anyone who cares about Bernie.

Even his wife left him back in 1994.

I mean, come on, he slides into a mug of beer every time there's home-run. The guy's a lush.

The Sausages are the real stars. Put "sausage race" in youtube and you'll see what I mean. I even featured them in our Christmas card one year. I thought I had shared that on flickr, but apparently not. Note to self: Scan sausages.

In other (major, life-altering) news, expect to see less of me around here for the next couple of months. Tomorrow, I head back to school. Been unemployed for far too long, so it's time to take drastic measures. Will try to make the rounds to say hello, and possibly do a "dump and run" on my own blog when I can, but I imagine I'll be up to my eyeballs in homework.

Sure hope my English teacher asks me to use "lackadaisical" in a sentence, because I am prepared to impress!


Leontien said...

Sooo are you going to study English??????


texwisgirl said...

oh girly. i don't envy you - if your brain is as rusty as mine is... :) you ARE a few months older than me so... :)

seriously, very much good luck to you! whew!

Samantha said...

You are forbidden to vanish! ;)
You have to let us know how you're doing every so often..

bon bon said...

yes, leontien! it's required when going for a degree. as is algebra. that's the one that's going to turn my brain to mush.

tex, come on now. only four months! :oP

samantha, not for good, just in limited supply until late july. :o)

Buttons said...

Funny I had never heard of them. Good Luck in school I am sure you will do great.
Don't forget to drop us non students a post once in awhile, we will miss your humour.(PS. that is Canadian not a spelling error.) just had to say. Have fun. B

Nancy said...

Love these photos! Fun, fun, fun. I could use more fun in my life -- thanks!

As for school -- good luck to you girlie. I'm resigned to the fact I'm way too old to learn new tricks, as far as formal schooling is concerned. But I'm rootin' for ya! :)

Dawn said...

:))) Hilarious! I have never seen the likes:)
School? You are absolutely amazing. Do not tell my children but I shudder at the thought. I could barley make it through high school....
Oh I'm super proud of you and cheering you on. From the side:)

bon bon said...

thank you gals for the encouragement! three days down and they haven't kicked me out. guess the teachers respect the elderly. ;o)

beth said...

oh gosh....i just found you....or you found me and obviously we live in the same town and now what...you're going back to school. dang it !! i hope we can connect at some point....i think your humor is right on par with mine :)

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