25 June 2011

dog fest "dock dogs" event

lab in fight
lab in flight 

"i wanna jump too!"
"i wanna jump too!"

unsure about this whole thing
unsure about this whole thing

Sorry about the infrequent posts and visits, folks. I'm so dog-done busy these days, that these pix are from two weeks ago when we went to Dog Fest. I didn't get many photos though because I had put in what is apparently our suckiest camera battery, and it died about ten photos in. Dem's da breaks. This is from the dock diving competition, and the last dog shown here was just seven months old and had never attempted this before. His handler was a young boy of about twelve. The crowd was cheering them both on, trying to get the young pup to jump off the pier. But as you can see, he opted for wading in.

I'm at the half-way point with summer school now and averaging about 95%! Woohoo!! Yes, that's counting algebra. Honestly, that number would be closer to 80% if my son, Luke, weren't tutoring me every Friday. (So, thanks for that, dear boy.) Over summer, they cram in a whole semester's worth of crap in six weeks. So, my new found abilities in math tell me I have three weeks of class left!



Buttons said...

Wow you are smart.
I love your photos dogs are something I love to watch. The first one is awesome. Good luck in school but I think with your great tutor you will do great. B

texwisgirl said...

new found math talent. :) love it! woo hoo!!! keep up those grades, dearie!

beth said...

dang how did i miss this event ? and wow, you are really rocking this school thing. i am totally impressed.

Tammy said...

I love these! So fun :)

missing moments said...

Woohoo! 95%! You go girl! The dog fest looks like a lot of fun!

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Dog fest looked like a blast...and rock on sista! 95%! Woo Hoo!

bon bon said...

thanks for all the love, everyone! i'm in serious need of a nap at the rate i'm currently going...

Leontien said...

Haha I am soooo sorry i didn't do a good job at promoting my home country! I'll do more my best next time!!! ;-)

And i love the dogs!!! nver heard about Dog Fest!


Mark said...

I bet dog fest was a blast, never been to one, but looks like great fun.

Dawn said...

NO WAY! A Dog-Fest!!! That's awesome...I would have loved to have been there!!

WOOTWOO on your mark(s). Amazing. We KNEW you would be getting marks in the 90's!!!!!

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