04 June 2011

cold sesame noodles

cold sesame noodles

My thanks to Samantha for sharing this super, yummy recipe! Isn't the interweb fantastic? I didn't have any Chinese egg noodles in the house, so I substituted Thai rice noodles. (Because who doesn't have those in their pantry, right?) When hubby and I were half way finished, I remembered I had some crushed peanuts left over from a satay recipe, so we ended up throwing those on too. Ow, baby.

As you can see, unlike Samantha, I like cilantro very much, thank you.


texwisgirl said...

eek! not a cold (or Asian) noodle sort of person at all! but i did see samantha had put the recipe up - just for you and your hubby...

Samantha said...

I'm one of those lucky few that taste soap when they eat cilantro..google "cilantro tastes like soap", you'll see what I mean!

LOVE this recipe..so good in hot, humid weather.

Samantha said...


Here's one for you, PK!


bon bon said...

tex, we ate it at room temp, because we couldn't wait, frankly. ;o)

samantha, omg, it was so good!! my older son can't stand cilantro either. it tasting like soap is a new one on me! kind of odd that it's the only herb with this quality. guess all that soap in my mouth as a kid paid off in another way...

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I does look good, though.

Cilantro and Rosemary - tie them together (it would taste like perfumed soap!) and throw in the compost pile!

But it does look good!


bon bon said...

hahaha! i wouldn't be surprised if someone actually was making cilantro/rosemary soap!

Dustin's Fly Box said...

Wow!! Great recipe!! Looks very tasty and I know what I am having for dinner

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