14 May 2011

they're multiplying

they're multiplying

Other than losing a handful of comments, it appears we've all come through The Great Blogger Debacle of 2011 unscathed. I also had some fused labels in my last few posts. Correcting them caused the post dates to update to, um, their time of correction, so it looks like I did nothing for days, then BAM, three posts in a row! No big deal.

Blogger is obviously sensitive to weather conditions dropping from 90º to 50º.

The photo is one of those weird chance things that I just liked. I turned on the auto focus on my camera, but left all other settings to manual, then held it out over my poppies. It turned out too dark, but that gave it this microscopic feel. I turned it b&w in post.

I love poppies! They're so alien looking. They grow right along the east side of the house under a window. I do, however, keep that window shut at night when they're growing 'cuz none of us want our brains sucked out while we're asleep.


texwisgirl said...

oh, they're funky little mold spores! :) alien brain-sucking tendrils.

great shot!

Samantha said...

That is a fabulously creepy photo! I'll never look at poppies the same way again. Zombie poppies.

Dawn said...

hehe....every time i come visit you i end up smiling:)))
LOVE that shot. It's perfect!

Canyon Girl said...

Oh, maybe poppies sucked my brain out last night, woke up feeling pretty much without, but am blaming it on pain meds.- Lovely photos, Inger

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Sometimes I worry about TexWis and what goes through her crazy head sometimes...it is scarier becasue I thought the same EXACT thing she did when I saw this post, haha

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