26 May 2011

some pug love

lomo effect


dappled sunlight

dappled play

Starting to get more shots of these two together. Max is coming around to the fact that he's stuck with us.

The first photo was lacking in any sunlight or drama, so I added a lomo effect in potato-chop. (Clicking the photo will take you to the tut.)

Last two shots were with the lensbaby again. Getting an action in focus with a lensbaby requires luck and planning. It's best to just call them arty for the sake of sanity.

These shots also capture our yard's signature feature of not-having-enough-sunlight-to-grow-a-successful-garden. The moss is happy though.


texwisgirl said...

i'm glad they're getting along okay - or at least appear to be for photos!

Dawn said...

Oh PUG LOVE alrighty!!! What's not to love...and glad they's friending each other:) So stinkin' cute.

missing moments said...

Doggie photos are always great. Thinking about getting a lensbaby. Looks fun!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I love the pictures but adore the Pugs!! The second one, with their two faces together, eyes at "half mast" is so sweet. I do hope they become the best of buddies!

Nancy said...

Lensbaby and potato-chop. I know not these words.

Love the second photo -- I think Dorothy wants to go back to Kansas or something.

bon bon said...

thanks all! pugs love attention, after all. they are getting chummier every day! and max is learning to relax in our own yard instead of roaming two houses down.

nancy, i described the lensbaby in the poppy post, and potato-chop is just my own stupid name for photoshop. :oP

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