24 May 2011

pop! pop! poppies!

early riser


a fancy hat


now open

rubbing shoulders

pop! pop! pop!

Eeeeeee! My poppies are blooming!!

Can you tell?

FYI: These were all shot with a Lensbaby lens, which I cannot recommend enough! If you've been dropping by here for a while, you're probably saying "well duh" about now. I have an older, beveled version with the additional macro kit. I think I paid $200 for both. Just wanted to clarify to anyone who thinks I'm doing some crazy processing here. Nope! I may have played with curves a little and burned some edges, but I do that a lot with my regular lenses too.

So, there's my buying tip for the day


Nancy said...

One of my favorite flowers -- and reds are definitely the most showy of all.

And thanks for giving away some of your photography secrets. :)

texwisgirl said...

the colors are (yes) POPPING!!! whew! you need a (warning! bright lights ahead!) post disclaimer!

Samantha said...

Absolutely love this series (and poppies!).

missing moments said...

Great photos ... and love poppies. Also, thanks for the info on lensbaby. I gotta have one!

Cat said...

I sort of thought a couple looked like fresh ripe tomato slices, but they are still neat photos. I will take your word on the equipment, however... If it isn't point and shoot, I am pretty much lost...


Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Wow!! Stunning! Every and each one of them, just fantastic!

Independent of which lens that was used, if you were not such an amazing artist yourself to search for what you wanted, it would not have been this jaw dropping beautiful!


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