21 May 2011

our work here on earth marches forward

marching forward

I have a bit of a dilemma.

I'm taking part in a Mystery Blog Swap this weekend over at The Sardine Tin, but I haven't heard back yet from my swap partner. They wrote me saying they received my post (and it's up on their blog, though I can't share where just yet), but they have yet to send theirs.

My best guess is the Apocalypse has already reached their area, and s/he is a bit preoccupied being reintroduced to his/her long dead Grandmother.

Plus, I seriously doubt Heaven has any internet connection. With God being omnipotent and all, there's no need for Him to check our facebook walls to see what we're up to. Plus, you know, there's better things to do. "Hey, if you're gonna sit at My right hand, put down the crackberry, for My sake."

I may have gotten too much sun today.

Anyway, hopefully you'll see something from this person tomorrow, and you'll get a small break from my Earth-bound drivel. But unless you were one of the lucky few now experiencing Eternal Life, consider yourself damned to see me again in a couple of days.


Leontien said...

Haha! YES TO MUCH SUN! and i needed a dictionary to understand some of the words you used! But that's just me! Haha

Have a great Sunday!

texwisgirl said...

well, hon, i'm still here. let us be damned! :)

that must be a peony blossom. nothing to attract ants like peonies!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Hubby and I went "Poof" yesterday. The other side was very cool, and as soon as we started having fun, someone re-checked on that special list and... darn... sent us back!

I checked on the blogs that are part of the mistery swap. The only one that came close to having something that reminds me of you was "Pants Names".

Most of the others were still busy changing diapers and/or brushing teeth.

Or, maybe, they were on the list...

bon bon said...

leontien, you're too cute! i'm just going to assume english is your second language, because i'm not smart enough to stump anyone!

miriam, you don't share your email through blogger so i can't spill the beans here, but i do stand out a bit in that grouping...glad you made it back to earth here with texwisgirl and myself. we'd get bored without you. ;o)

Samantha said...

I was moderately disappointed I still have to finish this 6 wk workout thing. Damn it.

Great pic..took me a minute to realize what it was!

Veronica said...

lovely shot!

bon bon said...

samantha, ditto. i'm going back to school this summer and had held off paying the bill.

thanks for dropping by, veronica. your photos are simply ethereal! i'm now a follower! :o)

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