10 May 2011


from the front porch

towards the front porch

into the sun

Every year I go a little nuts with magnolia photos. How can I help it? By next week all these petals will hit the ground with a resounding thud. If we get a good wind, they could be gone in two days! *sigh*

Everything else is blooming so fast and furious now, I can't keep up. I tell myself to post those shots next January when we're up to our arm pits in snow, but by then I've burned them to disk and am too consumed with self-pity to open the storage cabinet where I keep my back up files. Basically, it's now or never, baby! Live fast and leave a good looking corpse.

Follow the example of the magnolia...


texwisgirl said...

they're so pretty. i posted OUR version of magnolia today too. :)

Samantha said...

I love any and all magnolias! I would love to have one, but so many in this area get hit with a frost or hard freeze.

bon bon said...

tex, gotta take it while you can get it!

samantha, went to see where you lived...i am about three zones colder in wisconsin. you just need to find a hardy variety! :o)

Nancy said...

You just keeping posting away! These are so beautiful and I love the different ways you photographed them. :)

bon bon said...

aw, thanks nancy.

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