14 May 2011

macro buds



dwarf almond

lily of the valley

We've had two scorching days since I took these shots so there's been a few changes. For one, my tulips, which weren't fully opened yet, pretty much exploded and deteriorated in one afternoon. Also, my pear tree is chuck full of blossoms that weren't there Monday! Currently, storms are rolling in, and to quote Snoop Dog, the magnolia blossoms are dropping like they're hot.

Seriously spring? Two weeks? You can be such a fickle tease sometimes.


Cat said...

The very top pic... Lilac?

We have all of our fruit trees blooming, and yes, just in time for the lovely hailstorms... Spring time can be a pain in the keister! ;)


Cat said...

And, she said, with major facepalm, lovely photos, which I never mentioned in the above post... Brainicus Farticus...


texwisgirl said...

(laughing at Cat)...

lovely shots! sorry you're in overheat mode now all of a sudden.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

My macro lens is by far my favorite to use:) nice shots!

bon bon said...

thanks all!

cat, you are correct. they remind me of grapes when they're this small.

tex, another case of "if you don't like the weather, stick around a few hours".

TWD, i only have a macro filter on my lensbaby, but it does the job! :o)

Nancy said...

We went through the same system -- but this happens every year it seems. Nice, fresh blooms are met with scorching, hot winds. It just ain't fair!

At least you were able to take photos of them? Make you feel better? :)

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

same thing happened to our apple tree....blooms here today, gone tomorrow :(

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