31 May 2011




A couple more shade-lovers making an appearance in the yard. I planted trillium two years ago, so this is the first year they're flowering. I don't remember planting a purple one. Which comes as no surprise to me, 'cuz I'll walk from the living room to the kitchen and forget what I was going in there for. "Oh right, I'm hungry."

Anyhoo, everything that should be in the ground now, is. The garden, the potted veggies on the patio, my herb garden, the annual flowers... this, granted I can manage to drive by any more greenhouses without going in. So, no. I'm probably not finished. My front yard is actually pretty bare. It's considerably smaller then the back and has four humongous trees on it. Which is great considering the house faces south, and is 100% shade, so we hardly ever use the a/c. It was 90Âș here yesterday but we didn't know until we stepped out. On the downside, the lawn on that side is 50% moss and pine needles. Our magnolia tree and one lovely cluster of wild geraniums have all this responsible on their little shoulders to do it some justice. I seriously wish Yard Crashers or Curb Appeal would show up and de-crapify things.

Until they do get here though,  I'll be out back in more attractive surroundings.

BTW! For those of you who commented on the Mystery Swap post, the blogger and her location has been revealed! And here's a direct link to her blog if you care to read more about her! Thanks again for playing along, everybody!


texwisgirl said...

Pants with names, eh? and i thought phantom kitty was inventive... :)

rub it in about all the shade you have and rarely using the a/c. ours has been running off and on all day... blah, blah, Texas, blah...

bon bon said...

need i remind you of our being snowed in six months of every year? ;o)

missing moments said...

Now you can come down here and finish MY potting and planting! Great photos!

Tammy said...

Love the jack in the pulpit! Nice shade shots.

Nancy said...

The trillium is awesome. Such a deep purple. :)

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