08 May 2011

in disguise...CHOMP!

in disguise...CHOMP!

When I held up this little mustache, Kensi had that demonic look in her eyes that told me she couldn't be trusted to just pose calmly behind it. Stinker.

Hope each of you had a wonderful weekend/Mother's Day! My trip home was wonderful. Grandma herself was not one for creating memorable personal moments, but she is to thank for the many crazy characters I got stunk with as relatives. They certainly know how to put the fun in funeral...

Mother's Day was equally nice. My son and daughter-in-law had us over to their apartment for Belgium waffles with all the fixin's. They poured me one too many Bellinis (peach purée and Champagne) though 'cuz I was ready for a nap in the afternoon. But that wasn't gonna get my asparagus plants in the ground. It's suppose to rain now for a good part of the week, so I'm sure I can sneak that nap in at some point.

I'm including this shot in Nancy's Sunday Best series. Hope she doesn't mind that it's really two photos. :o)

Ok, I'm also adding this to Tara's weekly Gallery (which I don't do very often because I'm not a frequent twitterer) but when I saw the prompt was mustaches, I had to throw this post into the mix. See many more mustache links here:


The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Peach Bellini, the perfect mother's day drink! That first photo cracked me up! Too cute:)

Samantha said...

Glad the trip home was good..and that first shot was hilarious!

texwisgirl said...

oh she's a mess, that kensi! demonic/possessed/insane/crazed/manic... :)

bon bon said...

thanks ladies!

the little devil keeps us laughing, so we'll keep her.

Nancy said...

I'm always up for a 2-for-1! So cute! :)

Lou Belcher said...

cute... laser eyes.!!


mumsarcade said...

Loving this. My moustache attempt is at http://celebratingmums.wordpress.com

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