30 May 2011

have a coke and a knife

have a coke and a knife

Thought I'd drag out another shot of Grampa in uniform to commemorate Memorial Day. There are quite a few men in my family who have served, but many shots of Grampa (in every situation) because he was, simply put, a ham. He's actually downplaying things in this photo. That's him, far right. It's not like him at all to be the straight man.

Must've drank his Coke too fast.


texwisgirl said...

i picked him out in the line-up above and thought "hmm. he's rather subdued..." too funny!

bon bon said...

ha!! you've been hanging out here long enough to know his face! i should post one a bit more current, i suppose. i might surprise you. :o)

missing moments said...

Love the black and white. Great post for the day!

Nancy said...

Your grandpa and my dad must have served about the same time.

Love this photo of your grandpa. Great to see them when they were so young. :)

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Awesome photo! I love looking at the old ones

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