29 May 2011

forget me not

forget me not

I've never planted forget-me-nots, so how this little cluster ended up next to some hostas, I don't know. A bird could've dropped a seed there, I suppose. But I like to think someone who's now gone wanted to let me know they are still with me.

And no, buddy, I could never forget you...

Hope all of you are having a memorable Memorial weekend. <3


texwisgirl said...

very pretty! maybe nigel's saying hello...

missing moments said...

Beautiful shot ... I love how sometimes a flowering plant takes root in an unusual place.

Samantha said...

How pretty!
My favorite random plant was a phlox named Laura..my grandmother's name.
Still haven't figured that one out.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

A flower, a perfume, a sudden breeze, or an unexpected bird out of place... I take these as a "friendly poke" from those who already left me. Yes, "FergiƟ mir nicht" as my dad would say.

Touching picture and moment!

Tammy said...

Soft and lovely.

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