19 May 2011

crabapple at night


pink and blue

night blooms

Thought I'd do a little night shooting during the full moon the other night. I had been taking plenty of shots of our crabapple tree during the day, but you know, how many springs now have I taken the same shots? So, just to be different, I wanted to try some light-painting with it. Would've liked to see more stars, but it seems our overcast night are no different then our overcast days.

This last shot was still a bit dark so I decided to play it up in potato-chop. If you care to see a step-by-step tut, click the image (as always) and it'll take you to flickr.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to a highly creative friend of mine, who for the third year in a row now, has taken art and crabapples trees to the extreme! Read the description of her beautiful Wishing Tree here.


texwisgirl said...

the wishing tree project is so COOL! did you participate with your own wish(es)?

so now you're lurking around your yard in the dark too. the neighbors are afraid of you...

ONG said...

Phenomenal shots. You've inspired me to take night shots now.

Nancy said...

Very pretty and unusual (even for you!) Hee.

I'll check out the link.

Dawn said...

These shots are lovely!!!
Night is such an interesting time to capture.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Oh, my goodness!! What a fantastic set of pictures, Bon Bon!!! I cannot decide which one I like best, they are all so amazing!

You did a breath taking beautiful job!

Tammy said...

The lighting is great in these shots!

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