05 May 2011

bummer, dude.

 bummer, dude.

It's becoming more apparent that Max is deaf. We've always talked quite a bit to our dogs, and after a week and a half now, you'd think we would have come across one word he recognizes. They said he lived in a garage, so at first I thought, maybe no one talked to him. They also mentioned he knew his name, but I'm not seeing it. It crossed my mind that he may have come from a Spanish speaking home, but even so, he'd know his name, right? He's looks you square in the face when you're talking, so he had us fooled there.

The first few days, we took him out on a lease, trying to give him a general idea of the property line as there is no border between us and neighbors on either side. Since then, he's been free-ranging. He would start to room into the next yard, and I'd yell, "Max!...MAX!" Nothing. Pugs are a stubborn breed, so that was no proof of deafness. I'd run over and turn him around, and he'd be so sweet and accommodating. When he saw me, he'd get it and follow me back. He can hear a loud pitched whistle (if the wind is right), so I've used that a few times. He turns and looks back. I clap and open my arms and he trucks back. Trouble starts when Kensington leads the pack to someone walking down the sidewalk. Then all hell breaks loose.

Point being, dogs with perfect hearing are no better at listening to commands.

Kensi rules the roost inside as well. They both run to the window or door when someone comes by, but it took closer observation to realize he's working off visually clues. The other day, she was having a fit over the mailman and he never even woke up. I'm not sure how his foster mom had him nearly three weeks and didn't catch on to this. But I think they had more dogs too. And grandchildren...

Max is very bright so it'll be fun to see if the old dog can learn some new tricks. Like sign language.


texwisgirl said...

Oh, sweet boy! Just another challenge for you - but like you said, mine don't like to listen to me calling them either to come back... I just hope he stays safe. Kensi - don't lead him into trouble!

bon bon said...

yes, she's the stinker.

i think i have to buy him a long lead for the yard so i can get things done outside without having to look up every 20 seconds.

Dawn said...

:)))) That capture of him all sprawled out just made my day! Good thing he's so stinkin' sweet....for all the work you have to go through;);)

Nancy said...

He's still a lovey. Big hugs for Max. :)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photo!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Sweet Max already seems to understand your gesture of opening your arms, like a sign language, don't you think? It tells him he needs to come back. Poor boy, I only imagine what he went through in his young years.

The picture is fantastic!

Canyon Girl said...

Mine that have gone deaf have learned sign language. But one of them, Bandit, drifted off into the hills and we had no idea where and neither did he. Princess our Lab/Border Collie mix we had at the time was able to track him down and get him back to us. Phew! So be careful with that.--Inger

bon bon said...

thank you all SO much for caring for this little man...

inger, oh how frightening! you must've been panicking. i've tried asking kensi "where's max?" but unless he had a steak tied around his neck, she wouldn't care.

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