27 May 2011

belle white

belle white

My husband's Grandma, Adele, passed away a few months before we got married. She was an absolutely delightful woman who would've turned 100 this April. I'm glad I got to know her if only for a few short years.

When we were at the cemetery, some relative pointed out Adele's Mother's grave. Her name was Belle White. A fairy princess's name if I ever heard one.

I've researched my own genealogy, but never made it over to my husband's side since my own had me going off on so my branches, I started to get a bit lost. Couldn't see the family through the trees, so to speak. I was fortunate to grow up with two of my great-grandma's living long enough to know my own two boys. My husband (and I know many people) weren't as lucky in this regard. So, he never knew Belle White.

But honestly, how could she not have been beautiful...

Understandably, I think of this woman I never knew and yet played a part in my life, when my lily-of-the-valleys are blooming.


texwisgirl said...

what a sweet post. and yes, a fairy tale name! and i love your lily bells!

Cat said...

That sounds like a bit of a tale in and of itself, when talking of genealogy...


Leontien said...

great picture and yes it is a fairy tale name!


Tammy said...

Makes me want to look in to my own geneology. This is a beautiful shot! I love the dew drops.

Samantha said...

Oh this is a wonderful post!
What a fairytale name.

Nancy said...

Love lily-of-the-valley -- the little bells are so precious.

Love the name. Very special. :)

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