19 April 2011

the view out my parents' kitchen patio door





It started snowing on our trip north last weekend. By the time we reached my folks' house, there was about an inch on the ground. Poor little birds had to dig for their supper.

I foolishly had the snow tires removed the week before when it was 70ยบ.

Both, birds and I, had lofty goals...


texwisgirl said...

oh, if you get birdie shots like these, you might just have to move back 'home', dearie! or at least visit more often! :)

Nancy said...

Reminds me of my February pics. {sorry}

bon bon said...

tex, if i put up some bird feeders, i could lure them closer but i don't have my mom's bird seed budget. ;o)

nancy, yeah. mine too...

Dawn said...

Ugh. You, the birds, and I all had lofty goals. Will it ever end?
Want to vacation somewhere we can actually SEE and feel spring??

Those are beautiful shots! Love the red.....(is it a cardinal?)

bon bon said...

dawn, yes, this is a male. he would fly back to the tree and feed his "lady friend". she may have been too shy to come this close to the house.

i was looking at kayak.com the other day. RT flights from milwaukee to cancun were $350! i'd settle for st. louis right now. ;o)

Canyon Girl said...

Beautiful photos, looks like the birds at your folk's place are more cooperative with posing than my quail.--Inger

Leontien said...

oh wow! because the birds are lovely

and oh wow! snow!!!


bon bon said...

inger, a little bait might help. :o)

thanks, leontien! mother nature is taunting us this year.

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