21 April 2011

three sparrows on a flamingo

three sparrows on a flamingo

These little guys were probably hoping to hitch a ride to Florida! But this flamingo isn't going anywhere. His body is cement and his legs are iron posts. I used to ride him when I was small(er). Wonder how many sparrows would have to pile on before they took him down.


Tuesday night, I cashed in some concert tickets my son gave me for my birthday, and saw The Decemberists in Madison. Didn't take the camera along. We sat a bit closer the first time we saw them. Even so, it was a fantastic show!


texwisgirl said...

what a great pic! you might have to put this one into nancy's sunday best!!!

Dawn said...

Oh now that is what I call perfect placement!
:) (I wonder how long it took them to plan that?:))

Nancy said...

Three Sparrows on a Flamingo... I think I saw that movie at a drive-in 1979. ;)

bon bon said...

thanks tex! good idea!

dawn, they hit these marks frequently. must be the on-deck spot while waiting for traffic to subside at the birdfeeders.

nancy, must be french. were you singing the title to the tune of "three coins in a fountain" also? ;o)

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