28 April 2011

our new (old) family member

our new (old) family member, max!
We welcomed a new addition to our family this week! Max!

boudoir shot
He's nine years old and we were told he lived in a garage. I think he's liking this whole bed thing much better. 

raw hides are challenging with 7 missing teeth
They had no vet records for him, so we're not sure if that meant he didn't see any, or the people who gave him up choose not to share. Before we received him though, they needed to pull seven bad teeth. Luckily, he still has a lot of molars to get at those raw hides. It looks like he has an old leg injury too. His front left leg has a slight twist to it and he has a small limp. But other then waking from a nap and stretching like an old man, he gets around with no difficulties, and can actually book it across the yard pretty quickly!

one use for a pug tail
I think every pug owner ends up using their tails for carrying and storage. ;o)

sad boy
I've dubbed him "sad boy" as he still looks and acts a bit melancholic, but after five days, he's already showing some signs of playing and coming around to the fact that Kensi and Isaac are of no danger to him. He adores people though and everyone he's met gets thoroughly exfoliated, especially my husband! Unfortunately, we're losing some sleep due to late night lickings, so we hope this is just a nervous tic that fades as he gets more comfortable with his surroundings.

You'll be sure to hear more about this gentle boy, as we get to know him better...


texwisgirl said...

oh, what a sweet little squishy-faced boy!!! i'm so glad you opened your home and hearts to a new fella! what does kensi think? she's not a manic pup anymore so hopefully she's letting him ease into her world a bit?

max doesn't look too portly...yet. but i know how that goes... :) hurray for max and his new loving home!

bon bon said...

she's was overly curious at first which lead him to shy away. but now that he's a fixture, she's leaving him alone and he's taking time to check her out. he's just a bit reserved for now, but i've no doubt he'll come around!

thanks, girly!!

Dawn said...

That is one sweet little 'ol man;) What a CUTIE! (You should hear the squeals at my house as I showed everyone his pictures:)))

Nancy said...

Awww, he does look sad. (But all pugs look kinda sad to me...)

I'm sure he'll get into the swing of things and fit right in. He is cute in a pug-ly kind of way.

Leontien said...

he sure looks very cute and i'm convinced he will have the best home he can wish for!!!

Thanks for your sweet Oprah comment, it made me blush!


Dianna said...

He looks so sweet. I'm sure he's loving his new home!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

This post brought a knot to my throat. You won my heart forever and ever, Bon Bon!

Max seems to be a bit shy, but that's normal, isn't it? A new house, people to love him and new buddies to tell him how good his life is going to be from now on.

You go, Max!! You won the first prize and we all wish you live happily ever after!

bon bon said...

thanks so much, everyone! so far he's his happiest when being offered food. your typical pug. ;o)

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