18 April 2011

circa 1975

circa 1975

I scanned in this photo at my folks' house this weekend. What a rowdy bunch, huh? My Dad is standing, far left, just over Grandpa's shoulder. Not sure on the date on this. Mid 1970's. These crazy kids are younger here then I am now. But let's not go there. The youngest, my Uncle Lyle (plaid jacket) is probably fresh from his tour of Vietnam. He can currently be seen at my folk's house every morning on his way to work. They are his Starbuck's. Except I believe his options are limited to, with or without milk and sugar.

Dad was relaying some childhood story to me this weekend when Mom chimed in, "Don't tell her anything, or it will be on the internet tomorrow." Silly woman should know by now that THAT'S exactly the kind of remark that's going to make a blog post.

Hi Mom! Hope you're reading this! hee hee!


Buttons said...

Hello I seen your Sunday best on Nancy blog and wanted to say how much I loved it.
On the whole family portrait I think it is nice. Your Mom sounds like mine so funny. B

texwisgirl said...

oh your poor mom! persecuted for all the world to see/hear/read! :)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Your mom knows you well, doesn't she? This was funny.

So, when are you going to tell us what your dad told you? LOL


bon bon said...

thanks for dropping by, buttons! you have some lovely pix as well!

t, i must've have learned it from somewhere, don't you think? ;o)

bon bon said...

miriam, gosh, i'm not even sure which story it was, but it was by no means incriminating, which is why mom's comment struck me as silly and worth giving her crap about.

Nancy said...

Eight kids? Your mother has suffered enough -- don't taunt her!

Very hip looking family. I'm digging the sideburns. :)

bon bon said...

ha! this is dad with his parents and siblings. mom isn't shown. guess i should've made that clearer. personally, i love the hair styles on the three girls. quite mod.

granny, seated, center, is the one who passed away last week.

Cat said...

My, this brings back memories of holiday photo sessions... And I am quite sure some same circa, or even earlier, if I check with the alpha matriarch aka Grandma!


bon bon said...

for every one photo i have of dad's family, i have 100 of mom's. it would be awesome if everyone had a prolific photographer in the house for posterity's sake!

JJ Daddy-O said...

Why don't women have hairdos like that anymore? Was there some treaty with the Soviet Union that outlawed them? You're a women, you must know...

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