25 April 2011

after life

after life

Every time we travel to central Wisconsin to see my family, we pass this amazing old structure. It's visible from I-90, but you need to drive several miles out of the way to actually get to it. On this last trip, the weather, lighting, and fact that we were in no hurry to rush home, synchronized. There were even a few geese that decided to do their part to round out the composition.

The view isn't as appealing looking west into the sunset, but the angle of the building is equally impressive. It sits near the end of a dead end road. Chances are good no one will be driving by the day is decides to topple.



texwisgirl said...

oh my goodness... it was worth the short drive off the main road to see it up close and quite personal! poor old thing.

i do like the geese fly-over - almost like a military salute...

Dawn said...

I like this. It still stands even though gravity seems to want to topple it:)

Leontien said...

ohhh those geese make the picture!
well, if the building didn't allready do the trick!?!

Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

I imagine it serves as some type of shelter for a variety of critters, and that ain't all bad!

Great shots and I agree that the geese make a great photo even better. :)

Katie said...

We have a lot of those type of houses around rural North Dakota. I always try to imagine up the story of how the house ended up that way and the family that once lived there. I have 1000 stories in my mind! Great capture. I'm a new follower.

bon bon said...

thanks everybody!

and you for dropping by, katie! i believe buildings like this are turning up more and more, unfortunately. i'm not sure what this one was originally used for, but i don't believe it was a house. there were few windows and we saw no door, so i assume the opening was on the far side facing the field.

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

How awesome! I would have taking a detour too to check out it out. It's too unique to pass by

Canyon Girl said...

How great that you decided to stop and take photos to share of this tilting house.--Inger

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