28 April 2011

our new (old) family member

our new (old) family member, max!
We welcomed a new addition to our family this week! Max!

boudoir shot
He's nine years old and we were told he lived in a garage. I think he's liking this whole bed thing much better. 

raw hides are challenging with 7 missing teeth
They had no vet records for him, so we're not sure if that meant he didn't see any, or the people who gave him up choose not to share. Before we received him though, they needed to pull seven bad teeth. Luckily, he still has a lot of molars to get at those raw hides. It looks like he has an old leg injury too. His front left leg has a slight twist to it and he has a small limp. But other then waking from a nap and stretching like an old man, he gets around with no difficulties, and can actually book it across the yard pretty quickly!

one use for a pug tail
I think every pug owner ends up using their tails for carrying and storage. ;o)

sad boy
I've dubbed him "sad boy" as he still looks and acts a bit melancholic, but after five days, he's already showing some signs of playing and coming around to the fact that Kensi and Isaac are of no danger to him. He adores people though and everyone he's met gets thoroughly exfoliated, especially my husband! Unfortunately, we're losing some sleep due to late night lickings, so we hope this is just a nervous tic that fades as he gets more comfortable with his surroundings.

You'll be sure to hear more about this gentle boy, as we get to know him better...

25 April 2011

after life

after life

Every time we travel to central Wisconsin to see my family, we pass this amazing old structure. It's visible from I-90, but you need to drive several miles out of the way to actually get to it. On this last trip, the weather, lighting, and fact that we were in no hurry to rush home, synchronized. There were even a few geese that decided to do their part to round out the composition.

The view isn't as appealing looking west into the sunset, but the angle of the building is equally impressive. It sits near the end of a dead end road. Chances are good no one will be driving by the day is decides to topple.


21 April 2011

in it's hay day/field of rust, decay

in it's hay day

field of rust, decay

Older post taken at the farm.

three sparrows on a flamingo

three sparrows on a flamingo

These little guys were probably hoping to hitch a ride to Florida! But this flamingo isn't going anywhere. His body is cement and his legs are iron posts. I used to ride him when I was small(er). Wonder how many sparrows would have to pile on before they took him down.


Tuesday night, I cashed in some concert tickets my son gave me for my birthday, and saw The Decemberists in Madison. Didn't take the camera along. We sat a bit closer the first time we saw them. Even so, it was a fantastic show!

19 April 2011

the view out my parents' kitchen patio door





It started snowing on our trip north last weekend. By the time we reached my folks' house, there was about an inch on the ground. Poor little birds had to dig for their supper.

I foolishly had the snow tires removed the week before when it was 70ยบ.

Both, birds and I, had lofty goals...

18 April 2011

circa 1975

circa 1975

I scanned in this photo at my folks' house this weekend. What a rowdy bunch, huh? My Dad is standing, far left, just over Grandpa's shoulder. Not sure on the date on this. Mid 1970's. These crazy kids are younger here then I am now. But let's not go there. The youngest, my Uncle Lyle (plaid jacket) is probably fresh from his tour of Vietnam. He can currently be seen at my folk's house every morning on his way to work. They are his Starbuck's. Except I believe his options are limited to, with or without milk and sugar.

Dad was relaying some childhood story to me this weekend when Mom chimed in, "Don't tell her anything, or it will be on the internet tomorrow." Silly woman should know by now that THAT'S exactly the kind of remark that's going to make a blog post.

Hi Mom! Hope you're reading this! hee hee!

14 April 2011




It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, and during that time spring has managed to finally present itself! For the most part, the use of a macro lens is needed yet. For those of you who just stop by for the photos, feel free to check out, 'cuz there's a long post ahead... ;o)

In addition the eight plates I'm currently juggling, (I really don't understand how I got anything done when I had a job!) my Grandma U died on Monday. I've probably shared two dozen or so posts about my Grandma and Grandpa R. Photos in this link and it will take you to some. They lived on the farm right next door, and their hay fields and cow pastures surrounded our property. But G&G U lived about twelves miles away, so we didn't see them nearly as much.

Yesterday I searched around for a photo of Granny U. This is the first one I could come up with.

She's the one who could care less about being there. ha!

This was taken at our annual family reULEion in 2002. My Dad is standing, far right. Uncle Jerry, seated below Dad, passed away the following year, making my Dad the current oldest. All the "kids" are close. If there isn't a reunion the first weekend in August it's because there was a wedding or graduation that year so "we all just got together in July anyway!" Granny's treatment may have played a hand in their connection to each other, but I really couldn't say.

Grandpa U died in 1981. The way I see it, Granny may as well have put a bullet in his head. She divorced him after 40 years of marriage. She was always so cruel to him, but he wanted nothing more than to please her. Granny was an excellent seamstress and owned her own drapery business. When Grandpa retired, he didn't have much going on to keep himself occupied. My Mom worked with Granny, and has a theory that Grandpa, who was very mechanical, would tinker with her machines when she wasn't there so that she would ask for his assistance in getting them running again. Mom said he always had no problem figuring out where the trouble was. Like I said, it's just a theory, but it doesn't surprise me that he would go to this length to receive a kind word form her.

I could share dozens of stories, sadly. My sister and I have talked several times now in the last few days, and not to be cruel or anything, we have no real happy memories of her. Mom and Dad told us at a very early age that if Granny made some promise to us, we should try not to be disappointed if it didn't fall though. Imagine being a parent and telling your child, "I know Granny said she'd come and take you to lunch or shopping or whatever, but just go out and play so you're not just sitting around waiting."

All in all, I don't feel like I lost out on anything since I had a loving Grandma right next door who would take me fishing and go on bike rides. I didn't blame Granny for her being the way she was, and my relationship with her was like that of any elderly person, in that I would ask her how she was, and she would share. I was one of seventeen grandchildren on that side, after all. It didn't matter all that much that she didn't have time for us individually.

Granny had Alhemier's for the past ten years so I hadn't seen her in about five. She wouldn't have known me these last few years anyway. Plus she grew even more cruel. From what I heard, that frail little woman could pack a punch!

Strangely, one of the last few times I saw her, she handed me a small leather change purse. At the time, she said "when you were little, you said you liked this, so you can have it." It had belonged to her father. I don't recall ever seeing it before but it's rather unique. I probably did see it as a child and said "hey, that's cool!" or something. For some reason she remembered this and I thanked her. She also gave my sister some object in the last few years, then shortly afterwards called her up accusing her of stealing it. So, I'm equally thankful Granny didn't have my number.

great-grandpa schiller's change purse

07 April 2011

black & white

black & white

The crocus have been up for a week already however...there hasn't been enough sun to open them! I was afraid they were just going to wither and die this year, but finally, success! And Kensi was there to help document the moment! Unfortunately, the sun was at her back instead of mine during this spontaneous moment, but (photo) beggars can't be choosers.

01 April 2011

a film fest volunteer wrestles with an unruly patron over film theory


Today's image, brought to you by my husband. I'm in the midst of my volunteer activities at the Wisconsin Film Fest, and as the photos suggests, I take my job seriously.

Actually, this is our "buddaaaaay" Steve and me, demonstrating his version of Indian leg wrestling. (Sorry, Native American leg wrestling.) When I was a kid, we laid on our backs head to toe, raised the leg closer to your competitor, then hooked legs, trying to sending them into a backward summer-salt. Steve's version requires standing. Ugh. I'll take reclining any day.

You're gonna be stuck looking at this shot for several days as I've got a number of irons in the fire until mid April. I will try to get in a few posts and make the rounds to those of you who know me. Sorry, can't ditch me quite that easy. Plus by late April there may be some color in these parts worth sharing.

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