04 March 2011

zoo beasts

gentle giants


Since the giraffes were indoors due to cold weather, all the photos taken were shot through their prison bars. But they seemed pretty content in their surroundings, so no escape plans were made. They showed a bit of excitement when a caretaker came in and hung several buckets of leaves to the top of their cage.

Otters, on the hand, are in desperate need of some Ritalin. It was nearly impossible shooting through the glass without glare, and they simply moved too fast to focus on. My pal, TLC, doesn't have any photos posted yet, but we used the buddy system of shooting. One of us would stand still with the camera transfixed on one spot, and the other would call out, "get readyyyyyyy, NOW!"

Makes you appreciate the efforts (and patience) of nature photographers.


texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! You got some pretty good shots, considering! Those giraffe faces are so bony!

bon bon said...

prima donnas. ;o)

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

I think with the otters, that's where the continuous shoot button comes in handy! :)

bon bon said...

in this case, the glare kept you from changing the camera's position. you had to press it right against the glass, so all we could do is wait until they were in the line of fire. and they're so fast, you only get one or two chances. believe me, i tossed lots of shots of nothing but bubbles! :oD

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