22 March 2011

yum, frosting

yum, frosting

Since my bear photos were such a huge hit yesterday, (a-hem), I thought I'd post a few more that my parents have sent over the years. (You can click the image to go to my flickr stream.) This is one of my favorites showing that Dad grows frosting trees on his land. Which bears love almost as much as doughnut bushes.

I believe this is the same bear that Dad encountered out on his ATV one day. The bear was in front of him on the trail and Dad couldn't back up, so he stood on the seat, waving his arms, yelling like a madman. (Dad, not the bear.) The bear retreated. Should you encounter a bear yourself, you now know the secret to scaring them away. Make yourself appear bigger and badder then they are. Do not, however, attempt this with a mother bear with cub(s) in tow, as chances are very good she will not give a shit, and in the end, you will be minus one face.

Instead, offer her a doughnut.


Dawn said...

NO WAY!!!! This is awesome!
I can't believe he caught this on camera.
Love anything bear-ish...as long as it isn't close to me;)

A Rural Journal said...

Is that really frosting? Why is it red? Inquiring minds want to know.

Cat said...

My Dad talked about watching a bear try to get honey out of a tire that said neighbor had put in. Every time he'd pull the tire apart and put his shnozz in, the tire would snap shut, and the bear would be stuck, pulling out his nose, then repeat. They can be hilarious to watch. At a distance. And like you said, without babies...


bon bon said...

thank, dawn! cool, huh?!

nancy, this tree just happens to produce red frosting. seriously, i can ask my dad. maybe bears are like bulls in that way.

cat, they do appear pretty playful at times. snugly too. that will be my downfall when i become old and senile. "Elderly Woman Attempts To Hug Bear"

Dianna said...

I just can't imagine seeing bears. I've heard that there are some in our area, but have never seen one. It's amazing that your Dad is able to get these pics!

Canyon Girl said...

Great picture! I had one who came by, ripped off the end of the branches on one of our juniper trees, ate the berries, and threw the branches on my lounge chair. I never saw the guy, but he left plenty of tracks and made it look like he sat in the chair and enjoyed his meal.

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Craziness! One...the bear licking the tree and two... the tree spewing red frosting.

We don't have bears around where I live so maybe that's why I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open and thinking "whaaaaat are they growing up there?" haha

bon bon said...

dianna- i can't imagine see one myself! i'd probably stand there and pee myself. ;o)

cg- it was very kind of you to host such an inhospitable guest!

lb- ha!! bears! i should mention though, i live 2.5 hours south of my parents. they live in central wisconsin, i'm just south of madison. only bears i'm seeing are at the zoo.

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