03 March 2011

you've got to be joking.

you've got to be joking.

I had a superb birthday yesterday! A friend took me to lunch, then we went on a mini African safari at the zoo. Madison's version was only 25º however, so many of the animals stayed indoors. Proving they're smarter than we were. This guy seemed pretty content to be outdoors though.

There are a few more photos on flickr, which you can click the bengal to find. Tomorrow is giraffe day, so stay tuned for that bit of excitement...

This will turn out to be a three day post as that evening was full of surprises too! My husband invited several other couples to join us for dinner which was ridiculously fun since the bar/restaurant was having trivia night. We played no part in it, but that didn't keep us from knowing all the answers. Liquor can do that.

Afterward, hubby and I hit a concert! I know, right!? But I'll save the details until I have photos to go along with it.


I don't need to leave the house again now until May...


Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Did you know that the most beautiful, intelligent and interesting women were born during the first week of March? It's true! (My birthday was on 3/2.) Happy belated birthday!

Sounds like a whirlwind, girl. Can't wait to see the photos.

texwisgirl said...

Oh, I KNEW I liked you and Nancy both for a reason! :) Twins, separated by a couple of years and a couple of states. :)

Glad you had a great birthday dearie! Even if it was only 25 flippin' degrees!

bon bon said...

happy birthday to you too, nancy! i think we need to add humorous to that list. i certainly hope you're day was as much fun as mine!

t, i can take the 20ºs because i think the 10ºs are behind us. seeing lots of geese this week! i always give them a little cheer! ;o)

bon bon said...

oops, *your*

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