09 March 2011

yesterday, today...

i'm not a fan of king cake

Yesterday, between visits to "vet" hospitals (one veterinary, one veteran) I made some Mardi Gras inspired cupcakes. Wasn't sure I'd get around to it with everything going on, but father-in-law is doing very well, so no worries there. And Kensi needs to go back in next week for a better assessment since the blood behind her eye is making it hard for them to judge the damage. So, no need to fill that time with worry in the meantime.

winter's not done with us yet

We received a few more inches of snow last night. Hoping it comes to an end soon, although it was beautiful while it lasted. Even though the sun still hasn't shown it's face, the temps rose enough for clumps of snow to come crashing down all morning long. Now, mid-day, this tree is back to it's bare, pre-spring nudity.

I got up early (for me anyway) because I had to call the vet back about what to do next with Cam. Turns out, a small lump was overlooked on the first set of x-rays so he wanted him to return for a another look. I dropped him off, and they called after several hours with the bad news. It appears to be cancer. They gave him a shot for pain that will last until Friday, which is when they expect to get back the test results.

Cam is going on 17. I'm not sure what options they've going to give us, but we have no intentions of extending his life. We want his last days to be as pain-free as possible, and if he was maybe 7 years younger, we'd certainly consider surgery or other costly procedures. We did everything we could for Nigel, but he was just 8. So, even if a pile of money fell in our lap tomorrow, we don't think there's much point in prolonging the inevitable.

My posts sure have grown in length lately. I kind of look forward to when I can go back to calling this a photo-blog...

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texwisgirl said...

Awww. Poor Cam... I agree with your assessment. At almost 17, he's lived a good life. I hesitate to put any (older) animal in my care thru all sorts of surgeries and stress and trauma in order to attempt to save most of them. I hope they can prescribe meds to keep him comfortable and relatively pain free for as long as you can keep him... :(

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