25 March 2011



Finally! A little sunshine around here! These guys are ready to get out and do some riding.

HEY! If any of you reading this will be in the Madison area tomorrow (Stoughton, actually), we're having our annual soap carving party, Schwaklakk! Our 16th year of "Good, Clean Fun!" as we like to say. (I'm sure someone already has that copyrighted.) Here are a few photos from Schwaklakks of days gone by. I haven't decided what I'm going to carve yet this year. I'm sure, like last year, something will just appear in front of me.


Canyon Girl said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great time and show us your finished product.--Inger

Dawn said...

Yip Yip Yipeeeee! Your photo made me chuckle. One of my most favorite movies....#1 of course;)

Have fun...and make sure you take a pic of what you create! I want to see what Good Clean Fun means to you:)

A Rural Journal said...

Soap carving? You are one wild woman. :)

Very cute photo. Can I come over and play?

texwisgirl said...

Okay, dearie, not only pack the soap, the knives and tools, but PLENTY OF BANDAIDS this time!!! No repeat of last year!!! :)

bon bon said...

there will be plenty of pix so stay tuned, friends!

nancy— they're awaiting your arrival!

t— at least it's a clean wound. ;o)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

soap carving?! that sounds like something I would be into...wish I lived closer. Love the photo:)

bon bon said...

it's a lot of fun! buy some bars of ivory and carve along from there! remember to put down some newspapers to catch the schwakings. ;o)

Cat said...

That is a neat picture. Soap carving? That sounds indeed like good "clean" fun!


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