11 March 2011

surveying his kingdom

surveying his kingdom

I wrapped Cam in his bed to take him to the vet Wednesday, so when we returned I just set him down in the porch hoping he might stroll out to relieve himself. Instead, after a few minutes, he decided he was cold and headed towards his insulted, outdoor cat house. But I took him back in and placed him in the sun. He hasn't wandered far from that spot in two days.

In the morning, I take him out and set him in some loose leaves on the sunny side of the house. He might walk a few yards, but then sits down to rest. Later in the day, I take him down in the basement to the litter box, but he hobbles out, uninterested.

I think Cam's finished with life.

This morning the vet called with his test results. It's cancer. According to where it's located, he's under the impression it traveled there, so it's most likely elsewhere in his body. He presented the option of amputating his rear leg and doing some explorating to find the source, but I think he already knew what we decided if the news was bad.

So, we have one final vet trip for the old guy.

Seventeen years is a pretty good run.


texwisgirl said...

Poor baby. It's obvious he's not feeling well... Sorry old guy. I've been hearing about you for years and will miss you...

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

I'm so sorry, dear. We have an old chow-lab mix that is likely not going to make it through this year as well.

Glad that Cam had you in his life for that many years. ((Hugs.))

bon bon said...

thank you both for your sweet comments. sorry to hear about your dog, nancy. pets add so much joy to life. i couldn't imagine coming home to an empty house.

cam had a good (long) life, so it's not as difficult letting him go as it was parting with nigel.

Dawn said...

That's sad. Why must all good things (and pets) come to their end?
I wish he could just sit in that sunny spot all day(s)!

Hope your weekend goes ok.

bon bon said...

dawn, i appreciate your well wishes for cam. the sun has been very cooperative his final days. i've been sliding his bed across floor, trying to keep him in a perpetually sunny location.

Anonymous said...


texwisgirl said...

Hey sweetheart. I gave you an award today. Come by and pick it up any time you feel up to it. :)

Dianna said...

My heart is breaking for you. I just found your blog over at Run*A*Round Ranch.

I lost my kitty about 18 months ago, and am just now starting to look for another one.

Anyone who's had a pet knows how you're feeling. Love the pic of him looking out the window..... Yes, he's lived a long life, and I'm sure you've filled it with love!

Canyon Girl said...

I'm also stopping by from Run*A*Round Ranch and I am so sorry to find out what you are going through. It is so difficult to go through this. I will keep you in my thoughts and will come back again to see how you are doing.--Inger

sharon said...

just found your blog from Run-around so sorry to hear about your cat. it's always hard to put down someone who has been in your life for soo long. The pain does get better over time and so do the memories.

bon bon said...

all of you are so kind to drop by and pay your respects for our old boy. he will be missed...

Canyon Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I would like to know more about your book when things get better for you. I need to do some research on what is age appropriate. And illustrations -- I know publishers have illustrators, but I need to find out more. Do you have illustrations in yours or is it strictly a book for older kids?

My cat appreciated a heating pad under him when he was at the end of his life. The last night, I put it on top of him and he calmed down, went to sleep and didn't wake up. I was going to take him to the vet the following morning, but he went peacefully at home. I was glad about that. He was 18.--Inger

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