17 March 2011

now you see them. now you don't!

giraffe pre-

giraffe post-

Texwisgirl kindly awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award! Pretty sweet! Once I read I was required to hand out the award to five more bloggers however, I was a bit concerned, as I don't particularly have five regular followers. Some of the folks who got me involved in blogging in the first place have sort of fallen by the wayside. (That wayside being Facebook or Twitter.) So, considering versatility, one person I know who blogs, is on fb, AND tweets comes to mind, Dan! So, Dan if you read this, come pick up your award! (Nevermind, I'll stop by and tell you otherwise there's only a 25% chance you'll find it.)

I'm also required to tell you seven facts about myself. (Here's where you take that well-deserved nap.)

1. I'm pretty good with PotatoChop. (Um, see giraffe.) Been using it since ver. 2.5. Pre-layers and one un-do! booyah! (whatever, photo-nerd.) My old boss referred to me as the PhotoShop Guru. (This, however, does not guarantee you will not be laid off.)

2. I often burst into song without warning

3. Would travel the world if money were no object

4. My dream job would be travel photographer or muppet operator (wakka, wakka!)

5. Love to cook, bake and make candy, but mainly kitchens are for dancing in

6. I've volunteered at the Wisconsin Film Fest for (I think) seven years now. This year you'll find me working the theatre at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. woohoo!! An indoor gig!

7. I'm a seventh generation Wisconsinite, and you can find a good portion of those folks listed right here. (whatever, genealogy-nerd.)

So, that's that! Thanks again, to my old chum, Tex, who probably knows all these things already. :o)


Leontien said...

Congrats with your "win"!

And great picture! But me being blond and all had to really LOOK for what was there and what wasn't... Yeah i know i'm also not good at those puzzles in people's magazine...


A Rural Journal said...

I think it would have been easier to climb through the bars and take the picture...

Amazing job.

texwisgirl said...

Had to laugh at the above 2 comments. :)

The muppet thing made me remember that silly puppet show we (you, me and LaVerne) put on for the grade school kids that one year in art class. I made/was a turtle! That's all I remember. :)

texwisgirl said...

BTW, great job on the unbars... If you lived closer, I'd make you give me a lesson (or twelve).

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Umm, how did you do that?!! Amazing and this just shows me how much I don't know about photoshop....assuming that's what you use:)

Dan said...

I still come here! I just don't comment very often (here or anywhere).

bon bon said...

omg leontien, i'm glad i wasn't drinking anything when i read that!!

nancy, you're right. also, it would've been faster to drive to madison and back.

tex! bwahahaha!! i was a chicken and laverne was a dog! such silliness! wish i could remember the story. did we write it as well? maybe we were just the "talent".

i thought this image would look good in my portfolio (that no one sees).

TWoaD, (sorry, that's not an very attractive acronym, is it? ha! but i like saying it out loud!) there are two secrets to mastering PS. practice and patience.

i hear you, dan. i'm all for silent stalking. i enjoy getting comments but if i had 7000 followers like yourself (or even 7), i'd start feeling obligated to comment back, and THEN what would i get done? shit, i don't i work and i have no extra time.

Cat said...

WOW! Didn't know you could do that with Photoshop. Which only goes to show, I have never USED Photoshop. Neat!


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